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InsideOut Visuals | Malignant Growth Simulation
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Malignant Growth Simulation

Malignant Growth Simulation

A recent series of animations,  has called for quick solutions. This has challenged us to create scenes that convey complicated topics with less complicated setups. In this scene about Neoplasia we have shown an exaggerated proliferation of malignant cells among a bed of healthy cells. The growth of the cells veers a bit from realism, with the effect of proliferation similar to “popcorn” This visual narrative synced with the the voice-over which reads:

“Unlike normal cells, malignant neoplasms grow at an accelerated rate without growth factor.  They are not inhibited by density dependencies and will invade adjacent tissue.
The unchecked growth of cells and their disregard for neighboring tissue seems to indicate poor cell-to-cell communication within the malignant neoplasia.”

Some projects require creative problem solving to get the story told. This relatively straight-forward simulation was re purposed with varying setups and cameras for multiple scenes. We will be posting some more examples from this series as they are completed.