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InsideOut Visuals | Medical Device Renders
Series of beauty renders created for Nortis Bio.
Product Renders, Promotional, 3D
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Nortis BIO

We are honored to be creating product renders for Nortis Bio’s bio chip and supporting elements:

“About the size of a credit card, Nortis’ unique microfluidic chips can be used to grow tissue microenvironments by seeding cells into tubular voids within extracellular matrix gels. The chip design offers the flexibility to generate a variety of tissue architectures based on cell types and matrix materials selected.

Small, portable perfusion platforms house the disposable chips and supporting media and collection reservoirs. Three-shelved docking stations that reside in a standard tissue culture incubator increase experimental throughput and flexibility by enabling up to twelve independent experiments to be run at a time. Perfusion through both the tissue lumen and surrounding extralumenal space allow physico-chemical gradients to be created and perfusion fluids and cells to be collected for downstream analysis. Each docking station shelf can easily be removed and the small perfusion platform/chip assemblies accommodate easy transport between the cell culture incubator, laminar flow hood, and microscope stage.”

More can be read about this biotechnology at