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InsideOut Visuals | Pulse Biosciences
Electropulse technology for cancer therapy
Biotech, electropulse, cancer, therapy, MOA, Cellular
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Pulse Biosciences


IOV is proud to be working with Pulse Biosciences, creating a series of animations depicting their new electro-pulse technology.

“The Nano-Pulse Electro-Signaling (NPES) pulses are applied directly to tissue, creating a transient opening of small pores in cell and organelle membranes. We have found that by controlling this disruption of the cellular organelles, we can direct the cellular response quite specifically[1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]. For the treatment of cancer we believe that we can trigger a signaling cascade within the tumor cells that ends in immunogenic apoptosis. Immunogenic apoptosis is a process in which cells are induced to die in a natural way, initiating their own programmed cell death, engaging the immune system to clear damaged, diseased, or aged cells and enrolling cytotoxic T cells to recognize and eliminate cells of the same tumor type.”

More information on Pulse Biosciences can be found on their website.


Pulse Biosciences


April 26, 2016

Anatomy, Biotech, Education, Pharma-MOA