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InsideOut Visuals | Pulse Biosciences
Electropulse technology for cancer therapy
Biotech, electropulse, cancer, therapy, MOA, Cellular
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Pulse Biosciences

IOV is proud to be working with Pulse Biosciences, creating a series of animations depicting their new electro-pulse technology.

“The Nano-Pulse Electro-Signaling (NPES) pulses are applied directly to tissue, creating a transient opening of small pores in cell and organelle membranes. We have found that by controlling this disruption of the cellular organelles, we can direct the cellular response quite specifically[1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]. For the treatment of cancer we believe that we can trigger a signaling cascade within the tumor cells that ends in immunogenic apoptosis. Immunogenic apoptosis is a process in which cells are induced to die in a natural way, initiating their own programmed cell death, engaging the immune system to clear damaged, diseased, or aged cells and enrolling cytotoxic T cells to recognize and eliminate cells of the same tumor type.”

More information on Pulse Biosciences can be found on their website.